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Caan Zaman Cafe located Galleria  in Houston, Texas. It offers Mediterranean Cuisine and premium hookah. They offer varieties of services that every person loves like eating mouth-melting foods in a class and entertaining restaurant.  They understand the needs of the customers, not just in foods they serve, but how they treat and provide the service as well. The stay here is very pampering to anyone who wants to feel relaxed and taste the delicious foods at the same time. Most of business meetings can be done here. The foods are served by professional and friendly crews. You can also reserve for major events and gather in this wondrous place. They cater any prestigious events with professionalism and knowledge about good customer service practices. The foods are cooked to suit your sensible taste. The ambiance is quite relaxing while you eat. They have different specialties to make sure that you will enjoy your food. It is cooked by chefs with artistry and craftsmanship to make you feel pampered on this eating place. The atmosphere added appetite to someone who will come. Aside from that, they have sensational foods to ensure that the taste will make you remember this restaurant. The place is designed with exceptional motif that adds attraction to the cleanliness of the place. The place is very inviting and accommodating to make sure that you will enjoy the place. They ensure that events held on the cafe are exciting. You can bring your work mates and friends and let taste the pride of Caan Zaman Cafe. The cafe hosts any kind of event and any type of people. They are highly professional and every customer is treated well and valued. The seating and tables are comfortable and they are customized to suit the classic look of the environment. The furniture look classic that catch any body’s attention. There is no other cafe that offers this kind of wondrous services like Caan Zaman Cafe can provide. They made sure that aside from the great and tempting foods, there are still other reasons to go back to this friendly place. About Us